METATAO is the leader in the NFT Consulting business,
creating the value desired by various people in this industry.

Would you be interested in taking over upcoming business opportunities, such as making your own NFT and a NFT community that supports your company? METATAO is the answer, which can turn the artistry and sophistication of the Gen MZ into a wonderful NFT.

Aside from providing solutions related to NFT, Metaverse and Blockchain, METATAO stands out for its ability not only to train and support creators, but also to make long-term partnerships with influencers, galleries, and arts institutions. Further, we offer various services, such as NFT marketing, auction, development, design, goods production, NFT education and collaboration with professionals.

The new METATAO building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, will provide space for every member of the company. There will be attractions such as cafe, VR experience center, studio, gift shop and rooftop lounge. The center will serve as Korea's largest NFT community hub.



Everything about NFT,
the master key for you

Professional NFT company
We have signed MOUs with many influential companies domestically and globally. These co-operations make a huge synergy to become the largest NFT incubating company in Asia
Financial stability
METATAO's affiliates include cryptocurrency exchanges and Haixia capital management. With solid capital, we have already invested in a number of promising projects in Korea.
Customization of NFT contents
As a result of our experience in growing diverse IP into NFT projects, we have been able to develop content that suits the requirements of the customer.
Decentralized Solutions
METATAO has the ability to offer differentiated solutions for transitioning from traditional Web 2.0 to the upcoming Web 3.0 with years of experience in the blockchain industry and a large amount of data.
NFT Artist Training
We provide opportunities for creators in various fields to become NFT artists.



  • WEB3.0 Application Program Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • APP Development


  • Collect NFT items
  • Fund
  • Auction promotion and marketing


  • NFT Alliance
  • Big Data collection and analysis
  • Customization


  • Employment management
  • Certificate
  • Design NFT education curriculum

Business Development

  • NFT Market Analysis
  • Business Solutions
  • Collaborations with academic institutions, governments, and associations


  • Collaborations with music institutions, museums, and art galleries
  • Art competition
  • Foster digital artists


  • Signing of MOUs
  • Patents & Property Rights
  • Videos and IR Materials

Organization development

  • Train experts
  • Suggestions & Feedback System
  • Instructor invitation